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Are you worried about snakes in your campus? Do you see snakes being killed in your office or community? Talk to us.

An Initiative to increase awareness on reptiles and reduce human-animal conflict in urban and semi-urban areas.

LEVEL ONE:  Assessment and Awareness

Module 1: Campus Assessment

Campus assessment based on campus survey determining existence and possibility of the existence of venomous snakes – locating habitats, nests, water holes, micro-climate zones, ‘feeding opportunity’ zones, and suggesting measures to clear these zones to make it less inviting for snakes.                                 

  • Rs.20,000* May vary depending on the size of the campus
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Time: 4:30 am-6:30am and 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Module 2: Awareness and Training

  • Conduct a detailed workshop with security, house-keeping, gardening & maintenance team on:
  • Snake Alert Protocol
  • Identifying common species of snakes
  • Safe capture and isolation
  • Snakebite Prevention
  • Snakebite Protocol, Effective First Aid and Evacuation.


  • Rs. 2000/attendee ( Group size min 10 max 20 per workshop)
  • Days: 1 day
  • Duration: 3-6 hours


LEVEL TWO:  Snake Removal and Relocation:

With formal request and information to the Wildlife and forest department of Tamil nadu, and in association with licensed snake tracker and handlers co-op society.

Removal of snakes with professional snake trackers and handlers from the entire campus. Tracking and removing snakes from the campus with a team of 3 to 5 co –op workers.

(This most likely will involve digging and bush clearance.)  

*Written request from the organization’s letterhead to the concerned forest department is required to procure permissions for this operation.

FEE : Request for quote.

LEVEL THREE:  Implementation and Follow up

A monthly visit to the campus, meeting the VRM Team and supervising the protocols. Visits during various breeding seasons of different species, control and manage any possible outbreaks/infestation during those seasons.

FEE : Request for quote.


Terms and Conditions:

Organisers  Liability: The liabilities and injuries to any member of the Bay of life conservation team, KCRE TEAM, Subject matter experts or the Co op society team if any, does not rest on the campus owner. The campus owner is not responsible for any damages or injuries that might happen to the team during the workshops, visits, supervisions, survey, tracking, removal and relocation of snakes or in the process.

Other Liability: The liabilities and injuries if any to users of the campus, residents, staff, visitors does not rest with the organisers of the VRM programs namely, Bay of Life, KCRE and the Co Op Society,Forest Department resource persons, and subject matter experts engaged during the program.

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