Youngsters reclaim Kovalam beach

In the last 60 days, volunteers of a beach cleaning drive, organised by Bay of Life Foundation, have collected around 300kg of non-biodegradable waste from Kovalam beach.

The volunteers who were part of the drive were given free lessons in surfing by Bay of Life Surfing School. It is two months since the Foundation added this new attribute to its regular beach-cleaning activity.

How well do you know the Ocean?

CHENNAI:    People are often scared and even skeptical of swimming in the sea, because of the tides, currents, and waves. “There have been a lot of drowning incidents in the past in and around Chennai.

Know All About The Snakes of Chennai

Not all snakes are venomous. If your blood runs cold at the very sight of one, follow these tips so you can figure out which ones to admire and which to keep at a safe distance

Gurgaon geologist sails across Ganga to raise pollution alarm

Kumaran surveys Gangetic Dolphins, raise awareness on untamed pollution of water bodies

Lakes — lost and found

We spend a day with water sports expert Kumaran, looking for lakes around the city and lounging in one.

Want to rescue a snake? Here’s a way to learn

What do you do if you find a snake inside your house? If you are planning to kill it, then you don’t need this two-day workshop. If you are not, then here’s a chance to learn how to rescue the snake.

Sporting at a whole new level

Here are some of the offbeat sporting opportunities the city has to offer. A quick shout out to all the girls out there — there don’t seem to be enough of you on the field!

A man who adores the King

Our city has about 35 species of snakes and only four are venomous. Despite that, most snakes are killed at sight.

‘The King and I’

Herpetologist P. Gowri Shankar talks to AKILA KANNADASAN about his lifelong affair with the King Cobra and teaching people to coexist with reptiles…

After Seven People Drowning in Last Ten Days, Cops Fortify Chennai Beaches

With at least seven people drowning in the city’s beaches in the last ten days and lakhs of people expected to throng the beaches during the Pongal holidays, police are strengthening their vigil along the beaches to prevent any untoward incidents.

Tales Of The Rescued And The Rescuers

The immediate help for those stuck when the water came gushing into the city, came from citizens, people who decided to risk everything and save others. Some of those rescued and the rescuers share experiences of their ordeals and missions… something they’ll never forget.

Surfers rescue people in the second wave of Chennai floods

The surfing community stepped in again to help rescue victims affected by the second wave of floods in Chennai, South India last week. A team of surfers from The Bay of Life Surf School and Covelong Point Surf School rescued approx 1000 people in the flood-hit parts of Chennai.

Surfers from Bay of Life Surf School used fishing boats and paddle boards to rescue 1200 people stranded in the floods

In the wake of the recent Chennai floods, the surfing community has taken upon itself to tackle the calamity head-on. After surfers of Covelong Point Surf School took to the flooded waters of Chennai last week, the Bay of Life Surf School carried out a similar rescue operation using fishing boats and stand-up paddleboards in the worst flood-affected areas of the city earlier this week.

Chennai Rains: Surfers, paddlers, and scuba-divers in action help coastal security rescue people

As rains wreak havoc in the city, the Coastal Security Group (CSG) braces itself for what could be lying ahead. Prepared to go full-on this time, CSG, in addition to its in-house teams, has deployed some rather unusual people – surfers, stand-up paddlers, and scuba divers. While many have been closely coordinating with the officials earlier too, there are a few of the divers who are new entrants.

Don’t dismiss the hiss

Here’s an initiative by Bay of Life (Surf School, Tamil Nadu) to help citizens pitch in with conservation and bring about awareness about wildlife. 

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