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Experiential learning: A process that involves direct and active personal experience combined with reflection and feedback.

At Bay of Life we believe that Field Trips are one of the most effective ways by which schools and educational institutions can facilitate experiential learning.

11 Years of Outdoor Science

See, Feel, Experience

Bay of Life offers schools and educational institutions structured field trips that are student-centric. Bay of Life field trips are personal and effective in nature, influencing both feelings and emotions as well as enhancing knowledge and skills.

Real Science, real topics, real places

By scientists & Naturalists

Experienced outdoor educators, program coordinators and supervised by our water sports team, local resource persons.

How We Teach-

Our dedication to outdoor learning experiences ensures that every student has a meaningful experience that feeds personal growth that extends long past a Bay of Life program . Our educators take environmental science education seriously. Their mission is to inspire and teach, and they deliver educational experiences of the highest caliber.

where we teach- the Place

Kovalam ( Chennai) is a natural beach cove formation (hence the name Kovalam) on the east coast of India. Primarily a fishing village, Kovalam had many unexplored reefs in the region which results in diverse bycatch, which made this a favorite sample collection spot for the Zoological Survey of India ( Marine biology division). Being right next to the Muttukadu Brackish water ecosystem makes it unmatched in terms of the 2 diverse ecosystems one can observe and study right in the same place.

What you've been looking for

Real animals, birds and plants

study live animals in the natural habitat

Outdoor Science experts

By Herpetologist & Biologists, assisted by the water safety team.

Hands on-Get dirty

Seek, find, Observe, Touch and learn.

Field tools

Scopes, probes, and measuring instruments introduces children to field techniques used by researchers

Real Habitats

Access to real marine and brackish water ecosystems.

Real Geography

Waves, tides and ocean currents in action.

Showkath Jamal

Herpetology & Ocean ecology

Amrutha V

Ocean Safety & Geography


Marine Biology

Zoological Survey Of India


Kalinga Centre For Rainforest Ecology


Siddharth Chandreshekar


Kumaran Mahalingam

Geology Advisor

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