Sponser a snake rescue Training

Sponser a snake rescue Training

The Program :  

A pioneer initiative by NatGeo fame herpetologist Gowrishankar, an workshop for animal lovers, snake rescuers and for all who want to enhance their career in ecology. Get rid of your snake phobia and learn how to manage with snakes entering your property.

STORM – Scientific Training on Reptile Management. Be it novice snake rescuers, students, enthusiasts who would like to hone their knowledge or others who want to learn about snakes up close, this comprehensive workshop is an open door to learning about reptiles.

Get up close with snakes, learn to identify, rescue and relocate with Nat Geo fame Gowri Shankar. Join the 6 th edition of this limited seats certification workshop. Become the snake guy in your area! 30 slots only.

This workshop in Chennai in collaboration with The Chennai Snake Park Trust and Bay of Life introduces basics about reptiles, identification methods of snakes, snake rescue protocols, equipment, legal issues and conservation implications. The highlight is an opportunity to attend live snake rescue calls where participants practically learn everything about rescue and relocation of snakes.


People interested in snakes, wildlife and want to learn to identify, rescue snakes in their area. Age 18 and above.

 Donation to Chennai Snake Park Trust and KCRE, and Education material.
NOT included: travel, travel during rescues, accommodation or food.

After online booking (on this page, above), please fill this form: https://goo.gl/aPB8Zc

Gowri Shankar has been involved with reptiles for more than a decade and has worked at some of the premier reptile conservation centres in India. He is an authority on the ecology of king cobras and has been featured in several wildlife documentaries like the King and I, Secrets of the King Cobra, Asia’s Deadliest Snake, and Wildest India by BBC, National Geographic Channel, NatGeoWild and Discovery Channel respectively.

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