Snakes of india flash card game & guide

Kids’ Fun Educational Game

India’s first educational flash card based on snakes of India that introduces snakes to children in a fun way. Knowledge dispels fear, these cards will give your children the right information about snakes in their neighborhood and their nature.


“My sons (5 and 7) love these beautiful cards! They used them in a number of ways in the last few months. First they play the game by asking each other questions on girth or venom or length. The person with the most stars on his card (e.g. for girth) wins the card. Then both take a new card etc. Secondly, they use the cards to guess the name of the snake by looking at the picture or by reading the information only. They also sort the cards on family or other characteristics to compare them. They very much enjoy playing with these cards and their knowledge of snakes is now tremendous! We always take these cards with us now and play the card game together as a family as well. The cards also helped us recently to identify a snake in our backyard!
It is a perfect game to give to kids but a useful gift to adults as well! It is a good tool to quickly get yourself familiarized with the most important snakes in India and to be able to identify them. I do not know any other cards of this kind!”

Great Design & Gift Of Information

A design brilliance that incorporates crucial information,

  • Description
  • Full-color photograph of the species
  • Diet
  • Venom indication
  • Identification tips
  • Length

and more all in a visually appealing and easy to read format.

Trump Card Like Gameplay

They will love the trump card like gameplay. The 44 species in this pack are the most commonly seen snakes of India, they will remember more than how the snake looks while playing this game. Later, these cards can be played in the traditional literature method too- family wise. 

Snakes of india flash card game

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