Do Snake Repellents Work?

It all started with a discussion on the fear of snakes and when my brother dropped the details about the video about an apparatus that keeps snakes away I couldn’t resist investigating. All that I know are that snakes don’t have a nose (they do have nostrils to breathe) and they don’t have external ears too. Therefore they can neither smell nor hear although they can feel vibrations. Ultrasonic repellents as the one described in this video are therefore useless.

So I do my investigations and who else but YouTube comes to my rescue. Here’s one video that debunks these ultrasonic instruments.

But there’s more. A number of products are being sold in the market that claims they can repel snakes using powders and solutions and what not. Several of these powders that claim to keep snakes away contain Naphthalene as their primary ingredient. How can snakes that don’t smell be repelled by it. And here are videos that debunk these snake repellents.

and here’s another

Now are you interested to know how to keep snakes away or better still learn which snakes to keep away from or how to handle them?  Then come to one of our many snake workshops. One for adults just concluded in May and watch this space for the to-be-announced workshop for children called STORM Junior.

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You could also gift yourself or your children (8 yrs and older) a set of flash cards we have made of the Snakes of India. One of our children recently identified the highly venomous Banded Krait using one of these flashcards. These cards not only identify venomous snakes but also non-venomous snakes that are mistaken for venomous ones and eventually killed. To learn more about these flashcards check out the page at

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Looking for a real solution for avoiding and managing snakes in your campus or factory ? check out the “Venomous Repltile Management Program” by snake experts here.  

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