Bycatch Analysis

Fishing is the oldest form of hunting dating back at least 40,000 years. With advances in technology fishing vessels have grown larger in size, capable of carrying bigger loads and able to cross oceans in pursuit of fish. Techniques for catching fish include hand gathering, netting, angling, spearing and trapping.

Beach trash Maintenance : daily basis

Keeping the beaches clean by employing local labour. Local women are paid to cleanup the beaches daily.

Volunteer lifeguard & Rescue program

About 200 people drown in Chennai beach every year. Especially beaches down south away from the city have no police guard watching the beach.

Sponsor a snake rescue course

A pioneer initiative by NatGeo fame herpetologist Gowrishankar, an workshop for animal lovers, snake rescuers and for all who want to enhance their career in ecology. Get rid of your snake phobia and learn how to manage with snakes entering your property.

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