Mangrove Restortion- Mutukadu Backwaters

Avicennia marina- Restoration

Restoring 250 sqmts of Mangrove -Avicennia marina in the Muttukadu backwaters. by clearing the Prosopis juliflora ( Veli kaathan) a highly invasive species or mexican origin introduced by the early colonisers, which has been the concern of many environmentalists.  

Importance of Mangrove

Mangrove provides a natural ecosystem to protect shore areas by reducing erosion. It absorbs storm surge impacts during floods and cyclones. They are also super important to the ecosystem. Mangroves’ dense arial root binds and builds soils. A nursery to fish fry (fish babies) and shrimp, provides safe haven for younger animals to hide, feed and grow to adulthood. A carbon sink!  

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