Voluntary lifeguard and rescue for water based emergencies.

Effect :

Direct impact


Chennai Beaches

Partners :

Leapfrog investments, enabled by Catalyst trust

The Challenges


About 200 people drown in Chennai beach every year. Especially beaches down south away from the city have no police guard watching the beach. Chennai beaches do not have a lifeguard program. Hence such volunteer life guard programs and awareness programs are the only solution to reduce drowning incidents. After marina and Besant Nagar beaches, Kovalam Is the most visited beach in Chennai drawing over 3 thousand people during weekends and more then 15000 during holidays, Kovalam beach is not patrolled by police guards. We propose to set up a rescue cell in Kovalam and also work on providing rescue operation at Mahabalipuram, Muttukadu, Uthandi and beaches. This will be done by deploying a rescue team on all weekends, holidays and festivals where the footfall increases heavily.

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